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Adam TiggesMy name is Adam Tigges. I was born January of 1977, and I am a born again, Bible-believing Baptist. I came to know Christ at age 27 in the early morning of February 10, 2005.

I live in Dubuque, IA where I reside with my lovely Proverbs 31 wife, Michele. I have five wonderful daughters, Gabriella, Abigail, Allison, Olivia and Ruth. I am blessed to have parents with testimonies of salvation, both of whom faithfully serve the Lord.

I love to hear solid Bible-based preaching. I like to listen to old recorded sermons by the dozen, and with no disrespect to anyone, my favorite preachers are Bro. Brian McBride, Bro. Victor Mowery, and of course my pastor, Bro. Ed Mast. My favorite preacher of all is Bro. David Shepherd. God remember all these men for good.

I love to sing and write Christian music. I especially like the styles of Southern Gospel, Bluegrass, and Classic Country.

More than anything in this life I desire to see my family and friends saved. God’s power is super scarce these days, and I am starved for it. I have been shown that the only way to see His power is to become a servant, take my hands off my life, and learn the issue of death to self. This blog is a chronicle of learning what all that means.

Someday soon He’ll do it again,


Adam Tigges

Come visit us at Old Paths Baptist Church of Dubuque, IA!